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One Nation Walking Together strives to make a positive impact in the lives of Native Americans. A people that are greatly underserved and misrepresented, ONWT is an organization about People helping People—not a cause. By addressing the specific needs of each community we serve, One Nation is able to be more than a “dump and run” charity. We deliver the basic necessities of life while uplifting the lives of the most impoverished people in our country.


By loading 53-foot semi trucks that deliver up to $1.2 million worth of donated goods to reservations annually, ONWT provides hope and services to between 30,000 to 40,000 Native Americans in Colorado and six other surrounding states.


In addition to providing much-needed goods to 11 reservations in seven states, One Nation has also developed a food sustainability program. This program provides Native families on and off the reservations with chickens, coops, feed and direct support to create a continued source of food and potential income.


ONWT also has an important partnership with Red Wind Consulting, a Colorado Springs-based non-profit that strengthens tribal programs and Native organizations’ local responses to domestic violence and sexual assault. This collaboration created the local Native women’s talking circle group, Haseya. Haseya is Navajo for “She Rises,” and the group helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in a Native- specific manner for women.


One Nation Walking Together (ONWT) is the fiscal sponsor for several programs in the Colorado Springs area. By using different mediums such as film (One Nation Film Festival), dance (Matoska Dancers) and a traditional powwow (One Nation Powwow), we hope to raise awareness about both the culture and needs of Native Americans. One Nation Walking Together seeks to improve understanding and deepen appreciation for Native American peoples’ values, perspective, and history. Our mission at ONWT is to educate the general public about the very real challenges facing indigenous people today both on reservations and in urban areas.


Another important aspect of One Nation’s mission is to educate the public on the plight of the Native people. ONWT gives 35 to 40 cultural presentations at schools, churches, businesses and organizations every year. These presentations inform the public about ONWT’s programs, the trauma the Native people have experienced, but also highlights the beauty and resiliency of their culture.



One Nation Walking Together,

3150 North Nevada Ave.

Colorado Springs, 80907


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