Native Max Fashion Show

Kelly Holmes, Editor in Chief and Publisher of Native Max Magazine, will be hosting a fashion show during the After Hours Party,

7:30pm April 2, 2016 in the Cornerston Main Space.

Ms. Holmes will presenting a modern fusion of the latest contemporary Native fashions.



Here's a recent article from Native Max:


This Week in Native Fashion News:

Rebecca Taylor Launched ‘capsule Navajo collection;' Native Designers, Trailblazers

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Native Max Magazine is a Native-owned and operated, bi-monthly Print+Digital magazine that features style (men/women), health & fitness, art, culture & education, current events, news & views, pop culture and entertainment, of both Indian Country and First Nations. Native Max Magazine is one of the most honest, reputable Native-owned and operated magazines still on the market today. All staff writers, contributors and photographers of the Native Max Magazine team are all Native American and First Nations members of Canada. Native Max Magazine has been successfully marketed as a cross between today’s popular fashion magazines and top Indian Country publications. Native Max has also been classified as “…first of its kind…” and “…unlike anything seen before…” by major newspapers and reporters around the world.

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