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7:00pm     Armstrong Hall​ Theater


                  Frank Waln in Concert                      




5:00pm-   Armstrong Hall​ Theater


                     Ticket Sales


7:00pm     Armstrong Hall Theater


                 Opening Night Film: Shadow Nation


8:30pm    Armstrong Hall


                Opening Night Reception




9:00am     Doors Open


10:00am   Cornerstone Celeste Theater


                 Rising Voices/Hothaninpi (Documentary Feature) 57:00


                 Cornerstone Screening Room


                 First Light (Documentary Short) 13:00


                 Village of Dreams (Documentary Short) 19:00


                 Finding Refuge (Documentary Short) 25:19


11:15am   Cornerstone Screening Room


                 Filmmakers' Panel: In Pursuit of Truth


                 Cornerstone Flex Room


                 Workshop: Red Wind Consulting


12:15pm   Cornerstone Main Space


                 Maria Gila and Sam Gallegos


12:30pm   Cornerstone Celeste Theater


                Navajo Math Circles (Documentary Feature) 58:00


12:30pm   Cornerstone Screening Room


                 XBoundary (Documentary Short) 06:28


                Juvenile Justice: The Road to Reform (Student Documentary) 08:08


                Blessed (Narrative Short) 22:57​


                Lacrosse Stick Maker (Documentary Short) 43:00


1:45pm    Cornerstone Celeste Theater


                Lightning in the Hand (Narrative Short) 16:00                                                 


                The 7th Wave (Documentary Feature) 40:00


2:15pm     Cornerstone Main Space


                 Yoga with Katy Dunn


2:45pm    Cornerstone Screening Room


                Filmmakers' Panel: From Concept to Camera


                Cornerstone Flex Room


                Workshop: Elke Duerr


4:00pm    Cornerstone Celeste Theater


               Sons of Halawa (Documentary Feature) 56:00


5:00pm    Cornerstone Celeste Theater


               Children of the Arctic (Documentary Feature) 01:33:00


6:30pm    Cornerstone Main Space


                Matoska Dancers


7:00pm    Cornerstone Main Space


               Award Ceremony with Dianne Derby


7:30pm  Cornerstone Main Space


              Native Max Fashion Show and After Hours Party


The opinions expressed in these films do not necessarily reflect the views of the One Nation  Film Festival. All films selected and shown are Unrated (UR).


Tava, via Mueller Park

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