Workshop Guests


Elke Duerr

2:45 Cornerstone Flex Room

Elke is a bi-national filmmaker, conservationist and teacher and the founder and director of the nonprofit Web of Life Foundation W.O.L.F.. She teaches and lectures widely on the importance of predators in the ecosystem and the preservation of the Web of Life, and fosters a healthy coexistence between wilderness and civilization and the reconnection of humans to the natural world. Her favorite classes are with children as she loves to debunk myths and preconceived notions about our animals and natural world and revolutionize the way we see and experience nature


Just recently, Ms. Duerr completed a short film about our endangered Gray Wolves entitled “Wolves and Humans-a new story of coexistence” which was screened at the Taos Shortz Film Festival on March 20th  2015.


Elke is currently editing a video project about our last endangered wild bison entitled “Bison Nation” and getting ready to publish a children’s book with teachers’ guide and curriculum concerning our successful coexistence with wolves.  She loves to present her work with endangered wolves and bison and their role in the ecosystem in public and private schools and is now scheduling presentations in the larger community.  To learn more about Elke’s work, visit The Web of Life Foundation

Red Wind Consulting

11:15am Cornerstone Flex Room

Violence against Native women is an enormous problem across Indian country. Not only does it have devastating effects on individuals and communities, it also presents some unique challenges in the work to end violence against women.  


Red Wind is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created in response to the increasing needs of Tribal and Native specific programs to develop indigenous responses to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Unfortunately, resources have been slow to reach Indian Country. Native women have been organizing for years, however, the levels of technical support available to tribes and native-specific organizations continue to be limited. Red Wind was developed to bring additional resources to ending violence against women work while enhancing the capacity of Tribal and Native specific programs.


The origins of domestic violence are disputed across many of those working to end violence against Native women. We know that since the arrival of colonization and its resulting impacts, violence against Native women has become a common occurrence across Indian Country. Violence against Native women is not considered natural in Indigenous societies and is a fairly new phenomenon. The most commonly held belief is that while many Native Nations had experiences with women being mistreated or battered by intimate partners, the practice was not common nor was it tolerated. Through the arrival of colonization, it gave rise to the widespread crisis being experienced across Indian Country today.

Forget the stereotypes. Meet young Native Americans who are taking a stand with music, art and social media. In this episode, Frank Waln powerfully crusades for the environment; pop singer Inez Jasper empowers and speaks out for women; and Nataanii Means and Mike Cliff step in to help lift up and inspire youth on the reservation and through Native Lives Matter. 

Horsetooth Reservoir

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