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CIneVIA Pictures


CineVIA will be producing two exciting filmmaker panels:


Panel 1:


“In Pursuit of Truth: Capturing Cultural Authenticity”

Mike Newman, Moderator

11:15am  April 2, 2016   Cornerstone Screening Room


This panel asks filmmakers what their approach was to choosing their indigenous story whether documentary or narrative, what choices they made that contributed to a respectful representation of the story.


Panel 2:


“From Concept to Camera: The Journey of Filmmakers”

Sarah Lotfi, Moderator

2:45pm  April 2, 2016   Cornerstone Screening Room


This panel takes a generic overview to film production and presents the practicalities producers and directors face from writing, budgeting to exhibition.


CineVIAPictures consults, develops, and produces films as well as other visual projects that provide an innovative and diverse approach, contracting many of Colorado's seasoned  and up and coming professionals.


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