Film Selections



• Navajo Math Circles (58 min 3 sec, USA)

Documentary / Native American Documentary Feature

Directed and Produced by George Csicsery

Zala Films


Navajo Math Circles follows Navajo students in a lively collaboration with mathematicians. The students stay late after school and assemble over the summer at Diné College to study mathematics. The documentary reveals the challenges in education on the Navajo Nation.


Notes: Good for educators and people interested in STEM fields.


 12:30PM  4/2/2016  Cornerstone Celeste Theater 

• Rising Voices / Hothaninpi (56 mon 46 sec, USA)

Documentary Feature

Directed and Produced by Lawrence Hott & Diane Garey


This one-hour documentary film approaches the imminent peril of the Lakota (Native American) language, the culture shaped by that language, and the history that created that peril. The film braids together several strands of the story: the struggles of Lakota to learn their tribal language today, the historical attempt by the United States to annihilate the language, the rise of immersion language schools and the participation of outsiders in the rescue of the Lakota language. History is interwoven with present-day scenes and with short films about the culture, created by Lakota filmmakers and artists especially for RISING VOICES/HOTHANINPI.


Notes: Good for people interested in cultural preservation and languages.


10:00am  4/2/2016  Cornerstone Celeste Theater

Sons of Halawa (56 min, USA / HAWAII)

Documentary Feature

Written, Directed and Produced by Matt Yamashita

Quazifilms Hawaii


Halawa Valley is one of the oldest inhabited locations in Hawaii.  Now in his seventies, Pilipo is the last of his generation living in the isolated valley. He needs to find a successor to replace him as the carrier of Halawa's cultural treasures before they are lost forever.


Notes: Good for people interested in Native Hawaiian culture and people interested in cultural preservation.


4:00pm  4/2/2016 Cornerstone Celeste Theater

Children of the Arctic (1 hr 33 min, SWITZERLAND)

Documentary Feature

Written by Taylor Segrest

Directed by Nick Brandestini

Produced by Vesna Eckert.


Children of the Arctic is a portrait of Native Alaskan teenagers coming of age at America's northernmost edge. As their climate and culture undergo profound changes, they strive to be both modern American kids and the inheritors of an ancient whaling culture.


Notes: Good for people interested in fishing, whaling, Native Alaskan culture and cultural preservation.


5:00pm  April 2, 2016 Cornerstone Celeste Theater


• First Light (13 min 2 sec, USA)

Documentary, History Short Film

Directed by Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip


For centuries, the United States government has taken Native American children away from their tribes, devastating parents and denying children their traditions, culture, and identity. First Light documents these practices from the 1800s to today, and tells the story of an unprecedented experiment in truth-telling and healing for Wabanaki people and child welfare workers in Maine.


Notes: Good for people interested in history, and in children’s issue.


10:00am 4/2/2016  Cornerstone Screening Room

• Village of Dreams (18 min 45 sec, USA / PERU)


Directed by Leesa Gordon


Village of Dreams explores the tumultuous changes that unfold when tourism descends on a tiny Peruvian village.  The story is told through both Peruvian and American eyes, as the arrival of Western-style competition breaks ancient bonds of communal sharing.


Notes: Good for people interested in South American culture and travel.


10:00am 4/2/2016  Cornerstone Screening Room


• Juvenile Justice: The Road to Reform (8 min 8 sec, USA)

Student Documentary Short Film

Directed and Produced by Gandhi Brigade Youth Media


Seven high school students watched the rioters and protesters in Baltimore and asked themselves why it happened. What were the factors that lead to this situation, and more importantly, what could be done to make our youth safer in the communities where they live?


Notes: Good for people interested in race issues, and as inspiration for young people interested in film because it’s made by students.


12:30pm  April 2, 2016  Cornerstone Screening Room

• Finding Refuge (25 min 19 sec, USA, ALASKA)

Documentary Short Film

Written by Torsten Kjellstrand & Dave Davis

Directed by Torsten Kjellstrand, Rob Finch & Jamie Francis

Produced by Torsten Kjellstrand


The efforts of one dying woman to preserve her Native culture prompts a renewal in finding pride in that culture. She confronts the violent event over two centuries ago that began the destruction of her people and the shame that colonialism created.


Notes: Good for those interested in history, Native Alaskan culture and inspirational stories.


10:00am 4/2/2016  Cornerstone Screening Room

• Xboundary (6 min 28 sec, USA)

Documentary Short

Directed by Ryan Peterson


An open-pit mining boom is underway in northern British Columbia. The massive size and location of the mine has Alaskans concerned over pollution risks posed to their fishing and tourism industries.


Notes: Good for environmental enthusiasts.


12:30pm  April 2, 2016  Cornerstone Screening Room


• Lacrosse Stick Maker (43 min, USA)

Documentary Medium Length Feature

Written and Directed by Tracy Morse

 Produced by Ray Halbritter & Dale Rood


Lacrosse Stick Maker looks at the ancient art of Oneida Indian lacrosse stick making as seen through the eyes of one of the last traditional lacrosse stick makers in the Oneida Indian Nation.


Notes: Good for sports lovers and people interested in cultural preservation.


12:30pm  April 2, 2016  Cornerstone Screening Room

• The 7th Wave (40 min, USA)

Documentary Medium Length Feature

Directed by Ben-Alex Dupris & Derrick J. LaMere

Produced by Chris Eyre, David Montgomery, Ben-Alex Dupris & Derrick J. LaMere


The 7th Wave follows the “Paddle to Seattle,” known as the Canoe Journey.  The event has become a symbol of cultural revitalization on a national level.  In 2013, the Quinault hosted one of the largest Canoe Journeys in Native American history. This film follows their journey in the days leading up to The Paddle to Quinault.  


Notes: Good for athletes and boat enthusiasts.


1:45pm  April 2, 2016  Cornerstone Celeste Theater  


• Blessed (22 min, 57 sec, USA)

Narrative Short Film, Suspense, Thriller

Directed by Jennifer Derwingson

Written by Stacey Parshall Jensen 

Produced by John Hermann.

Starring DeLanna Studi and Daniella Garcia


A suspenseful short action film about a cop torn between her desire to be a mother and being the warrior she needs to be when a young girl running for her life arrives with a request.


12:30pm April 2, 2016 Cornerstone Screening Room

• Lightning in the Hand (16 min, USA)

Narrative Short Film, Western

Written by Andrew Reuland & Joey Grossfield

Directed by Joey Grossfield.

Produced by Lava Buckley

Starring Nakotah Larance, Kevin Wiggins, Kristen Rakes, Samson Snell & Bruce Holbrook


Big business, the law, struggling silver miners, and a lone Apache clash over a claim dispute in 1890s New Mexico.


1:45pm  April 2, 2016  Cornerstone Celeste Theater

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